Halloween Thank you – 2018

Wow! What a huge night it turned out to be. Firstly, a big thank you to our lovely neighbours who decided to be hosts this year – it wouldn’t be nearly as special without your involvement! Same goes for our local cafe Swift Espresso who turned on an awesome early dinner. It’s fabulous to have you on board ladies, thank you!

This year we tried something new and asked neighbours to sign up online as trick or treat hosts. This turned out to be very handy when our local councillor Peter Matic bought us some lollies and I wanted to deliver them to participating houses. In other years I wouldn’t have known who was doing it until the day. I think we’ll keep that plan going forward!

People ask me why we do this, and if I’m honest it’s a few reasons…

1. Kids LOVE it – the trick or treat and the haunted house, a little scare is so much fun.

2. A sense of community. This is a big one. In our busy lives we often don’t get a chance to engage with our neighbourhood. It’s events like these that can help people to come together and give them a common focus around which to communicate.

3. We get the chance to raise funds for a meaningful cause.

If you’re tempted to stay inside and hide from the hoards of children, I would encourage you try something different next year.

Your neighbourhood would love to meet you!

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